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About Us

ALFA CONSTRUCTION GROUP SHANGHAI LIMITED is a leading company experienced in sourcing building materials and construction machinery for various construction projects all over the world.
Our major countries which we work Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Romania, UAE, Algeria and Turkey.
We assure our clients good quality, reasonable price and on time shipments.
Please to contact us for detailed information.

Conducting Your Product and Supplier Research
Conducting research regarding the products you are considering to import and a survey of factories that can manufacture the product and sending the results of these surveys and Research as a report to you.

Conducting Price and Product Quality Research

Contacting factories that manufacture the product you plan to import, sending a request for proposal and gathering pricing intelligence; finding suitable products that fit your projected quality and targeted price; gathering samples for these products if you request; resenting you the prices and technical details with samples so that you can examine the results and make a decision.

Making Appointments with Manufacturers
Generating a timetable for appointments with factories that produce products that you decided that are likely to be imported; giving you the opportunity to hold face-to-face talks with the manufacturers and make agreements with them in your own language.

Going through Negotiation and Contract Processes on your Behalf
Finalizing contracts with manufacturers directly regarding products you plan to import; giving the technical and legal support in the contract regarding production, payment, delivery and customs procedures.

Holding Inspections at Manufacturing and Delivery Stages (AQL, PSI, DUPRO)
Providing you with reports regarding quality inspections of products in the manufacturing stages at certain intervals; to control the quality at the delivery stage of your order in terms of the quality, packaging and quantity precision; to make sure that the order is completed if there are manufacturing errors or quantity mismatch.

Container Loading (CLC)
Monitoring container loading of the products of which the quality control has been verified; to inspect the loaded product amounts, volumes, weights, serial numbers and papers; to document the loading with photographs.

Going through Import Procedures
Preparing all sorts of legal documentation for the products that you import from China; going step by step through all relevant procedures in connection with the manufacturing companies.

Setting up your Company
Providing investment management and consulting services to entrepreneurs with the intention to invest in the trade capital of People's Republic of China.

Export Consulting Services
Conducting surveys for potential buyers fort he products that you plan to export into China; sending you a detailed report of the results of conducted surveys and research.


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